E-mail Tips>> How to Write Promotional Emails in Business


The purpose of writing and sending a promotional email is to promote a product or service. The whole idea is to tactfully persuade your client to take advantage of a product or service that will benefit them.So how to write promotional emails in business? Today, we will solve it for you, check out below.


1. Clarity of the Promotional Email

In your email, the promotion intended should be clear. Your clients should not need to spend more than 10 seconds before they understand the promo. That is, when they open your email, which they may be reluctant to do, the message should not be ambiguous or hard to understand. You are probably not the only one sending promotional emails to your recipient. You will need to get your message across decisively, and clarity is vital to this.

2. Brevity of the Information

Another major characteristic of a good promotional email is brevity. Keep is short. The effectiveness of a promo is hampered by too many words. Be succinct, go straight to the point and be impactful. Unfortunately, this is an aspect many business owners have issues complying with. They want to say everything in just a single moment; they bombard the customer with loads of details that yield little or no result at all! People do not need details.

The world we live in is fast-paced. When people are online, they have many things they hope to achieve; reading a long boring piece about a promotion is not one of them. Remember, only what gets to be read, gets the needed attention, if your promotional email is rather long, it is almost as good as a waste.

3. Simplicity versus Professionalism

Promotional email language should be simple. Completely avoid trade jargons if possible. Use words that can be identified easily by your target audience. Simplicity drives the message home. You have seconds to deliver your message; do not let the customer use half of the time racking his brains out!

4. People are not that patient.

Trade jargons may be used in the case that your promotion is targeted at certain professionals in a particular field, for example, doctors. A promotional email for the sale of medical equipment may contain few specialized terms.

5. The Need for a Strong Copy

The idea is to deliver the right words that will ensure that the promotional email is a success. Choosing the right words for the right promotion, at the right time and for the right audience does not happen by chance. You may need a professional for this. Otherwise, consult a book or two for how to do this.

6. Urgency of Action

Give your client a reason to do something about the promotion fast. Give the customer a sense of urgency. The promotion should have a short timeframe; let it have a limited time span to persuade the client to take the required step quickly. In your text supply action words that will make the customer act. For example; “Place your order now!” or “Shop now!” or “Signup today!”

7. Singleness of the Eye

Let your eye be single. Stay focused on only one promotion. Do not include any side attraction (which is more or less a distraction to the recipient). Let the email and call for action be directed at only the promotion at hand.

8. Grammar and the Likes

Ensure your email is grammatical and typographical errors free. Your grammar should be simple enough. Punctuate appropriately, limit the exclamation marks. Avoid writing your action words, or any other word, in ALL CAPS (that is UPPERCASE), it does not make a good-read; appears to be yelling at the recipient.